Nerd Nite #6 Presentations include:
Dave Leiker: “Capturing the Back Roads of the Flint Hills"
Beginning 50 years ago with a Brownie Hawkeye until the present time, Dave Leiker has kept a camera close by. His styles are strongly influenced by a love of the common snapshot. He strives for a natural, spontaneous feel and simplicity of content & composition.. In addition to the graphic arts Mr. Leiker has been involved in web and electronic media technologies throughout the last two decades. A portfolio of photo essays, landscape and environmental portraits can be found at Mr. Leiker's current projects are studies of the Flint Hills people and landscape, a "dissolving" series which documents the dissolution of objects and places over time, and also "Faces", a collection of natural portrait studies. Dave lives in Emporia, Kansas and often be found wandering the back roads of Kansas.
Cassie Thompson-Myers: "Rural Domestic Violence"
Domestic Violence is not an easy subject to discuss. It can even be more difficult to discuss in a rural setting. There are some unique components to rural Domestic Violence situations. We will discuss what Domestic Violence is, the uniqueness of rural Domestic Violence and Lack of Available Services and Barriers that happen in small communities. We will talk about why one abuses and the services that The Willow offers.
Cassie Thompson-Myers is the new Franklin County Program Coordinator for The Willow Domestic Violence Center and has worked in the field of Human Services for ten years. Her first experience was with Cedars Home for Children in Lincoln, NE where she worked with teen who were homeless, abused, self-harming, pregnant or parenting as teens, involved in gangs, truant from school and much more. She has also worked with the ECKAN Early Head Start Program and most recently with Communities In Schools, working with teens at Ottawa High School. She is extremely passionate about empowering people to make positive changes in their lives.
Courtney Servaes & Jenalea Myers: "Brew Your Own: The Art of Homebrewing and the Craft Beer Movement"
Everyone has tasted craft beer, right? No, not crap beer – that’s those big beer commercials you saw during the Super Bowl. We’re talking about craft beer – beer made to communicate the passion, authenticity and love that goes into brewing. Most professional craft beer brewers got their start with a 5-gallon bucket in their kitchen. Anyone can learn how to brew beer, but we’re warning you: This is an addictive hobby that can quickly become a lifestyle. Find out what it takes to be a homebrewer, what craft beer is and why you should never drink crap beer again.
Courtney Servaes and Jenalea Myers live in Ottawa, have been friends for nine years and brewing together for three years. They’ve been members of the Lawrence Brewers Guild since 2012, and Jenalea currently serves as the club’s president. On any given day, you can find Courtney crafting a beer recipe or working on her brewing equipment. They’ve won several awards at homebrew competitions in Kansas City and Topeka. When they’re not hanging out together brewing, they’re traveling to craft breweries. They’ve visited more than 100 breweries in 10 states and tasted nearly 2,500 different beers.