Nerd Nite #4 Presentations include:
Diana Staresinic-Deane: “So You Think Your House Is Haunted: Researching the History of Your Home and the People Who’ve Lived There "
So-You-Think-Your-House-is-Haunted-Handout / Link to the Prezi presentation
Many of our homes have witnessed generations of people and pets and moments of happiness, drama, and tragedy. By researching the history of our homes, we can discover how the former residents have shaped our residences and vice versa. Using examples from some of the local buildings she’s researched, Old Depot Museum Manager and writer Diana Staresinic-Deane will walk you through the research tools available to anyone living in Franklin County. Whether you’re trying to identify your resident ghost or just want to discover the story of your home and land, you’ll learn how to build your property’s history using local and online resources.
Diana Staresinic-Deane is a Kansan-gone-Californian-gone-Kansan. Fascinated by little Kansas towns and their histories, she's happiest when she's digging through old newspapers and exploring old cemeteries. She is the manager of the Old Depot Museum in Ottawa, Kansas, and is the author of Shadow On the Hill: The True Story of a 1925 Kansas Murder. She is currently researching a series of old murders in 1909 and 1910 Kansas and is working on a novel set in Kansas. You can follow Diana’s Kansas adventures at
Dale Wheeler: "Bacon Cured My Hunger: The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing"
Recommended resources and links from presentation: Book: Charcuterie: The craft of salting, smoking and curing. Michael Ruhlman

Chronic entrepreneur. Charcuterie enthusiast. Homebrewer. Hates following rules.

Capt. Tim Matthias: "The Science of Fire and how to keep yourself safe from it"